About Me

I'm a biologist by training, but an artist at heart. In my career and in life
I have managed to straddle art and science.
My left brain and my right brain play nice together I guess. 
It's all those other voices I can't get to shut up....  
I see letters and numbers in color -- do you?
Laboratory Program Coordinator
Art Director
All-purpose Biologist :)
Making sure college student have all the thingamabobs and dealios to get their chemistry labs done. Keepin' it clean, keepin' it safe, keepin' it real.
What a treat this was! I was a cover art machine, making sure hopeful authors had a book cover worthy of all the hard work they put into thier story.  
Hard work, fun times. I shocked fish, collected bugs, plated bacteria, caught swans, and carried a million gallons of water on my back during prescribed burns. Ok, maybe not a million...